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Pittsburgh – February 1, 2002 – After eighteen months of testing and refinement within its parent company, Daedalus Excel, projectEYE is now offering its online time and budget tracking tool to design consulting firms. Fully integrated with projectEYE's collaboration tool, the time and budget tool allows design staff a convenient way to record project activity. Project managers and office adminstrators can access this data instantly to prepare invoices, analyze project budget margins, and quickly address client budget inquiries.

"Ease of use is its biggest advantage," says Shannon Douglass, Operations Manager for Daedalus Excel. "I use the time and budget tool as a supplement to my accounting tool; using it, I can see at a glance whose timesheets are complete and follow up with those staff who have ignored the auto-reminder messages and fallen behind recording project activity. There are no more billable hours 'unbilled'."

Within the time and budget tracking tool, all project names are coded with a budget dot, with color coding indicating 50%, 25% or no budget remaining on any given project. With this constant reminder, designers, project managers, principals, and administrators are all keenly aware of how the accumulated spending is comparing against the actual project budget, increasing accountability and also identifying when project scope creep may be occurring.

Like projectEYE's collaboration tools, the timesheet and budget tracking tool is designed specifically to enhance the performance of design consulting firms.
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