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New York City – June 17, 2002 – For the second year running, projectEYE has provided the Association of Professional Design Firms (APDF) with the technology behind its annual Financial Performance Survey. The web-based APDF Financial Performance Survey is an important measure for the design industry as a whole, as it is the most comprehensive report on North American design consulting firms available.

The APDF has also seen a continued increase in the survey response rate thanks to the convenience of the projectEYE web-based tools. "The projectEYE web-based survey tool allows for the timely collection of data, ensures accuracy through the automated calculation feature, and creates both individual records as well as an aggregate of design firm data," comments APDF Executive Director Danae Loran Willson. "Firms participating in the 2002 Survey will start building a secure online individual history which will ultimately allow them to review and compare their data, with the results of successive years, providing a valuable understanding of their corporate progress over time."

Kory Kolligian, CEO of Design Continuum and board member for the APDF, shares his enthusiasm for the success of the survey, "The projectEYE tools are fabulous. We, the APDF, can't thank them [projectEYE] enough for their contribution. Clearly, projectEYE's commitment to the design industry is shown by its involvement in the APDF Financial Performance Survey."

The Association of Professional Design Firms is an organization dedicated to elevating the standards of professional business practice for design consulting firms. The APDF does so by the open exchange of information, creation of opportunities to share and learn, and the distribution of useful and pertinent business data.
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