When projectEYE technology powers your firm’s online collaboration spaces, your visual identity still stands front and center. Because the appearance of projectEYE tools can be completely customized, you will interact with your clients in a virtual space that is a seamless extension of your brand.  
fully custom

To facilitate custom-branding for your consulting firm, projectEYE has developed an html-based template system that allows you complete control over how the service appears to your end users. Because content and function is entirely separate from formatting, projectEYE services will soon support hand-held Internet devices. Templates are constructed with standard HTML and an additional tag set which allows dynamic information, looping, control structures, and file inclusion.

or not

To get up and running quickly, your firm may also select a standard projectEYE appearance, you can select a color scheme and we will add your logo and logotype.

in your domain

Your current design firm domain or any domain of your choosing can point to projectEYE servers. This could be a second level (yourdomain.com) or higher (projects.yourdomain.com). projectEYE serves both web-based and mail-based information; with web addresses in the form of http://yourdomain.com, and email in the form of mail@yourdomain.com.


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