projectEYE collaboration services are ready for release. Following is a partial listing of projectEYE collaboration.  
projectEYE is an application service provider (ASP)

projectEYE applications are provided over the web in exchange for monthly subscription fees. Users only need a compatible browser. projectEYE is currently fully compatible with 4.0 and higher versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer.

Top Level Collaboration Tools


List of active projects with color highlights to indicate tool activity. Users will only see the projects they have permission to see.


Users may set personal preferences, including a custom home-page view, and electronic mail distribution preferences.


Provides contextual help.


Searches for keywords across all tools and projects accessible to a user, and provides a ranked list of matches.


Administrators may add and delete users and projects, set permission levels. Administrator actions generate appropriate email notification to trigger the participation of users.

Project Level Collaboration Tools


Provides an overview of all tool activity. Highlights most recent activities. Users may also choose to have the summary emailed to them, on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.


Allows design concepts or concept groups to be presented for specific feedback, including ratings, rankings, and comments.


Allows for convenient posting of any file for download or comment. All image files include icon and thumbnail preview. Supports linking to any web content, with form for entering comments. Supports uploading and reviewing of working web site designs within a password-protected team forum.

project mail

Project team distribution lists are created, and distribution list mail is available in a password-protected, searchable, online archive.


Lists contact information for each team member.


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