Design businesses are different, and unlike other application service providers, projectEYE focuses on their needs.  
asymmetrical collaboration

The collaboration between a consultant and client is asymmetrical; with certain inputs and outputs associated with the consultant, and other inputs and outputs associated with the client. In addition, as the host of the online collaboration, the consultant will also develop expertise in the use of projectEYE tools, while clients will often be novice users, with different needs. projectEYE is built to suit these differences.

visual information

The exchange and discussion of visual information is uniquely important to design businesses and their clients. projectEYE supports the viewing and exchange of visual information.


Design businesses carefully control their visual brand identity. projectEYE can be fully customized to present a seamless extension of the consultant’s brand.

different measures of business performance

Design businesses use different measures than other businesses to track and measure budgets and financial health. projectEYE business tools embody these differences, allowing a design business to maximize their financial health.

designers are the best!

Maybe the design industry isn’t as big as some other categories, or as lucrative, but we’d rather work with design professionals than people in any other business. And we’re not just saying that to get on your good side.


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