With projectEYE's integrated time and budget tracking capability, your staff and project managers can record and track project activity and billable hours in the same place that they collaborate with your clients.  
track time and expenses

Fully integrated with projectEYE's collaboration tool, the time and budget tool allows design staff a convenient way to record project activity.

keep an eye on the budget

Within the time and budget tracking tool, all project names are coded with a budget dot, with color coding indicating 50%, 25% or no budget remaining on any given project. With this constant reminder, designers, project managers, principals, and administrators are all keenly aware of how the accumulated spending is comparing against the actual project budget. And they can drill down to more detailed project performance information with the click of a mouse.

gather information for invoices

Project managers and office adminstrators can access online project records instantly to prepare invoices, analyze project margins, and quickly address client budget inquiries.


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